Dubrovsky Molecular Pathology Centre | JGH

Dubrovsky Molecular Pathology Centre | JGH

Jewish General Hospital

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Montreal, Quebec


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With the opening of its new Molecular Pathology Centre, the JGH took a significant step for personalized medicine in Quebec. Molecular pathology reinvents cancer care by opening the door to individually tailored treatments. Instead of attacking cancer with generalized approaches like chemotherapy, doctors start by examining the tumour’s molecular profile to identify unique characteristics called biomarkers, revealing the malignancy’s vulnerabilities.

The centre is the third largest of its kind in Canada. It includes biomarker research laboratories, laboratories for developing PCR-related techniques, molecular diagnostics laboratories, as well as a teaching section with more than 30 residents and students on the floor. The facility is complemented by several support areas, including a freezer space, cryogenics room and robotic equipment rooms.

“The Centre will put the JGH at the leading edge of progress in this promising new era of personalized medicine, and it will help us give our patients the best possible treatments by adapting medical care to the specific molecular characteristics of their illness.” – Dr. Alan Spatz, Director, Pathology Department.



  • Grands prix du design 2014 – Category: Health and Research Facility, Montreal, QC
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